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PT-141 Research

Peptides are really becoming popular. Peptides help increase the release of  hormones and also have healing properties. PT-141 is a peptide that has gained some serious noise. Studies have linked it to treating repercussion injuries and also shock from haemorrhage. Not only that but it can help with a low libido.

Use of PT-141

PT-141 has become a popular peptide to aid with sexual dysfunction. Test on lab rats, when the peptide was injected, it led to improvements as far as sexual performance as compared to the controlled group. It not only has a positive impact on males but the female rats also had an increase in sexual performance. It can have a similar impact on humans also both male and female.

In fact, a study conducted on women to see the impact of PT-141 has been conducted. The studies result showed that women that the peptide was introduced to saw a peak in sexual desire as opposed to those that were in the placebo group. Women that were injected with PT-141 also had a more pleasurable time than the placebo.

It doesn’t only improve the performance aspect but also gives them a desire to make love. The study on


Modified GRF vs Sermorelin

Both Modified GRF and Sermorelin are peptides, however, the two function quite differently and have had different impact on the body. That is why it is important to understand the two different peptides before you decide to use them in any form.

Modified GRF

Modified GRF is a peptide that comprises of 29 amino acids peptide. GRF stands for growth hormone releasing factor, so it aids in the release of more hormones.


Sermorelin has pretty much the same aspects as the Modified GRF, it is a 29 amino acid peptide. Its function is pretty much the same as modified GRF.

So what’s the difference?

If you ask an average person, they probably wouldn’t even know the difference between the two. Most people refer to the two as the same. However, they do differ in some ways. The biggest difference deals with the half life of the two. Modified GRF has a longer half life than Sermorelin, this makes the impact of the peptide last longer. Not only that but the spike of growth hormones from use is higher with the modified GRF than sermorelin.

If you look at the profile of the two peptides you can see the difference