Peptides are really becoming popular. Peptides help increase the release of  hormones and also have healing properties. PT-141 is a peptide that has gained some serious noise. Studies have linked it to treating repercussion injuries and also shock from haemorrhage. Not only that but it can help with a low libido.

Use of PT-141

PT-141 has become a popular peptide to aid with sexual dysfunction. Test on lab rats, when the peptide was injected, it led to improvements as far as sexual performance as compared to the controlled group. It not only has a positive impact on males but the female rats also had an increase in sexual performance. It can have a similar impact on humans also both male and female.

In fact, a study conducted on women to see the impact of PT-141 has been conducted. The studies result showed that women that the peptide was introduced to saw a peak in sexual desire as opposed to those that were in the placebo group. Women that were injected with PT-141 also had a more pleasurable time than the placebo.

It doesn’t only improve the performance aspect but also gives them a desire to make love. The study on rats showed that PT-141 stimulated the mPOA terminals in the brain. This resulted in the activation of the dopamine hormones which play a role in sexual motivation.  Low levels of dopamine leads to a low libido. The peptide is known to be highly effective. If you experience any problem in your sex life then it may prove to be a benefit.

Side effects of PT-141

Unfortunately, the peptide is still in testing phase and available as a research chemical. This means that there aren’t too many research that have been conducted on it. So there are no actual known side effects to it, at least not scientifically proven. All the side effects you find online are anecdotal so they may not be the best source to go by.

PT-141 is currently under review as more and more studies are conducted on it to actually figure out the impact it has on the body. Studies have been able to conclude that is has a positive impact as far as sexual performance and libido goes. However, as is gains more popularity there will be studies that highlight the side effects and other negative aspects to the peptide which are still not discovered.