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Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Having trouble with hideous, overly large or deformed ears? While technically not a facial feature, a person’s ears, if abnormal in some way, tend to attract unwanted attention and ruin a person’s profile. This can cause a significant degree of insecurity among those who suffer this problem. If you feel you need to improve the shape or size of your ears, an otoplasty may be in your future.

An otoplasty is the collective term for a number of cosmetic surgical procedures whose objective is to change the form and appearance of a person’s outer ear. While it is typically used to refer to the process of reducing the size of the ears or pinning back ears that protrude outwardly too far, it also covers the range of applications for restructuring, reconstructing or adding cartilage to the ear.

Interestingly, many otoplasty patients are children between the ages of four to fourteen. A person’s ears are fully grown by the age of four, and an early otoplasty will prevent the treated child from becoming the target of ridicule as he or she grows up. Otoplasties are also used to help individuals who have suffered damage to their outer ears due to an …