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Best Lip Enhancement Solution From Dermal Fillers Melbourne

Lip Enhancement

If you find good dermatologists offering dermal fillers in Melbourne, you will be able to enhance and correct discrepancies with your lips. Here’s what you need to know about enhancing this sensual area of the body

Will a dermal filler in Melbourne be permanent lip augmentation?

The most common lip augmentation procedure these days is via dermal fillers in Melbourne. What exact filler they use, however, makes all the difference. Please be very aware that silicone is no longer approves as a lip filler and can lead to severe side effects if used. The most common and approved lip fillers are hyaluronic acid. Not only is this a substance found naturally in the body, but it will greatly improve the volume of your lips and leave you with great results with none of the health risks of silicone.

While it has fallen out of favor, you can still get collagen lip fillers, but these do not provide the same long lasting results and are slightly less safe. You will also see fat injections and other procedures advertised for lip augmentation. These can, however, be hit and miss as the doctor is forced to overfill the area due to absorption …